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Once approved we can usually get your funding within a couple of hours. You can use your funding for whatever you need.

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We Can Get You The Right Funding With The Right Terms

Each one of our representatives has proven expertise that has come from helping hundreds of businesses like yours to succeed. We will partner with you to help you realize your dreams of success and independence.

We offer startups access to funding without a lot of the limitations and restrictions of a traditional bank. We have funded hundreds of startups and we will continue to work with new and innovative companies.

SBS has an 88% funding approval rating

We have helped hundreds of people to achieve their dream of owning a successful business. You have ideas, determination, and drive. Let us provide you with a foundation that supports you and lets you move ahead.

Streamlined Processing and Proven Expertise

We are partnered with a national purchasing collective that allows you to leverage your purchasing power and use the premier providers for business services, products, and technology

 SBS Lending professionals are available to discuss your options

We Also Offer Other Business Solutions

SBS makes the funding process easy and seamless so we may provide you with the best possible funding solution that fits your business needs.

Banks take weeks to process an application--and then they turn down most small businesses. We can get you an estimate within a day and then expedite the processing and funding of your application.

Structuring Your Business

The way that a business is structured affects many aspects of a business. Incorporations are used to limit liability, establish tax structures, and allocate ownership. We will help you to put the pieces into place that will allow you to license and incorporate your business. 

Just as a successful journey needs a clear destination with a map that show how to get there, a successful business should start with a business plan. This plan will define your goals and objectives and help you understand how to achieve them.

Planning Your Business

A strong credit profile is another key element to a successful business. Strong business credit enables a business to obtain the short and long term financing that is required for strong, sustainable growth. 

Establishing Business Credit

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